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About Ted Tatman

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, Ted now resides with his wife Darlene (along with their cats) in Summerville, South Carolina.

Ted spent several years as a volunteer in the AOL Windows Forum, was a frequent contributor to Windows Online Review, and was a freelance reviewer for ZDNet, where he tested, reviewed, and rated thousands of freeware and shareware software titles. He also wrote the manual and help file for Syntrillium Software's Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (which is now Adobe Audition).

Ted's hobbies include collecting radio station jingles, watching all flavors of Star Trek, and having fun with digital audio production. He also has a strong interest in preserving radio history, creating "tribute sites" for Charleston's WTMA, WOKE and WCSC as well as Louisville's WAKY and WKLO and other Kentucky stations.

In Memory of Frances Ann Nealis Tatman
April 10, 1935 - November 22, 2007

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